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Appropriate for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Classes 

Vaganova Method  - Julius Plaht Style 

 “The music is the correct length for a traditional class in the                      

  Vaganova Method”.  - Greg Olsen from San Rafael, CA United States 


Appropriate for all levels and pointe work in the Russian method, this double length compact disc features twenty-eight melodies from Tchaikovsky, Minkus, Drigo, Delibes, Donizetti, Gounod,Lovenskjold, Glinka, and Verdi, arranged by Marina Stolyar. This solo piano music for a master class was created to follow the style Julius Plaht developed for teaching the Vaganova method of ballet training. The twenty eight repeated original and classical melodies are the perfect length for the barre and center with an extra long track for the Grand Allegro. 

Ballet technique class vol.1

Vladimir issaev - Ballet Master
Marina Stolyar -  Pianist
Ballet technique class Vol.1.jpg
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